country code

UZ Country Code +998

All countries have the specified country code what cannot be changed. The country code is unique and by the system, the country code is set. The country code is set internationally and it is not possible to change the country code. If you make any change in the country code, then the country code does not work. You need to make sure that the country code is correct. For the international telecommunication, the country code is used. For the local and international telecommunications, the area code is necessary to use. if you do not know the country code and area code of any country, then you can rely on the internet. There are several ways to find the country and area code. Before dialing the country code and area code, you should be confirmed about those things.
The country code is used for the country and the area code is used for the area code of the cities of the country. The Uzbekistan uses the country code +998 and the area code depends on the city where you want to call. All these things are easy to find out on the internet or you can use a directory for finding the area code and country code.