country code

TM Country Code +993

It is essential to know the exact country code when you call to one country to another country by the telephone or mobile. The Turkmenistan uses the country code +993. You will dial the +993 or 00993 code before you dial the area code and phone number. You do not need to use the country code if you communicate with anyone without using the telephone or telecommunication. If you use any internet application or social media for the international telecommunication, then the country code also will be used. The application may put the country code and you do not need to use the country code manually.
The country code is selected for all of the countries and it easy to find from online. You just choose a search engine and type the name of the country with the keyword “country code”, then the country code of the country will come out. If you like to use printed directory, then you need to buy a directory what is available in any book store or you can order the director book from the online book store but I think that using a search engine is very easier for finding the country code, area code or anything.