country code

TK Country Code +690

The country code is a completely unavoidable thing and this is impossible to use it for local communication purpose. The country code is mainly used for the telecommunication from one country to another country. There are several countries and there are several country codes. For every country, there are some country codes. The country code is generally set for each country as a unique country code. The country code is unique generally according to the country but the country code “1” is used by several countries and those countries are in the USA. Except the “1”, most of the countries use unique country code.
Suppose, you want to call the country Tokelau and the country code +690 is set for the country Tokelau. For calling to the Tokelau form another country, the country code is necessary to use. For the Tokelau country, no country code or any other set of number works except the country code 690. You have to use the prefix before dialing the country code and the country code does not work for any other country. As a prefix, you can use 00 instead of the sign +. You must use the different country code for different countries and there is no other way to change the country code.
You should find the correct country code for the country where you need to call. If you do not know the correct country code for the country where you want to call, then you should use the internet. By the internet, you can find the country code and area code as well. You will get Google search engines and other similar type search engines for finding the country code or the area code. You can visit directory website or use directory book for finding the country code. The area code is similarly important and you should know the name of the city for finding the area code.