country code

JM Country Code +1876

The Jamaica use the country code +1876 and this code is also called international dialing code for the Jamaica. Similarly, the international dialing code or the country code is used for the international telecommunication and the country code is fixed for all of the countries. When you call to those countries to anywhere you need to dial the country code of those countries. The country code is set of digits and the country code stars from one digit to four digits. You need to know the country code of the country where you want to call. You need to know the area code after the country code.
The area code is used for the local and international telecommunication. If you do not know any of these things, then you cannot make a connection with the person of the country. You can buy a business directory book or general directory book where you will get the country code and area code as well. You should use the correct country code and area code. You must dial the country code and area codes a finally dial the telephone number If you want to make phone successfully. Do not forget to add a prefix before the country code.