country code

HN Country Code +504

The Honduras country has the country code +504 what is necessary to use the before dialing the area code and country code. The country code is used for the international telecommunication and it has no other use. You cannot use the country code for any other purpose. The country code is necessary to use the internet based communication except for telecommunication. The telecommunication based on the internet is possible and there the country code is also used. The country code for all of the countries are selected and if you want to change the country or use one country code for another country, then it is not possible.
You can find the country code from online. You will get many applications and websites for finding the country code. If you do not want to lose your time for searching the country code, then you can use the search engine like Google or yahoo for finding the country code. The area code is also an important thing and it is necessary to use for the international and local telecommunication. So, you can easily find the country code and area code by the Google search engine. You can use printed directory for finding the country code and area code.