country code

DO Country Code +1809

The international dialing code or country code for the Dominican Republic is selected like any other country. The country code +1809 is for the Dominican Republic and it is the prefix. You can use 00 instead of the + sign as prefix and the prefix is a very necessary thing. You must use the prefix on the left side of the country code. The international telecommunication services use the country code and that is why all countries have got the country code. The country code is a necessary thing for the international telecommunication. If you use internet based applications for the communication except the international, then the country code is not necessary to use. If you use the application for the telecommunication, then the international dialing code or the country code is necessary to use. The country code +1809 uses for calling to the Dominican Republic.
The area code is a necessary thing for the local and international telecommunication. You need to dial the country code, area code, and phone number properly. This sequence should be followed properly. If the sequence of using prefix, country code, area code, and phone number is not used properly, then the connection cannot be made. So, be careful when you dial these things.