country code

CV Country Code +238

The Cape Verde uses the country Code +238 with a prefix. It is necessary to use both things together. If the caller does not use the country code and with the prefix, then the country code does not work properly. The country code is used when someone calls to different countries from another country. The country code is required before the telephone number and is code. Usually, the country code is used for the international communication and the country code has no any major use. It is necessary to know the exact country code for that country. The Cape Verde uses the country Code +238 and no other country uses the same country code. It is compulsory to use this country code when you call to the Cape Verde.
If you use Skype or similar applications for telecommunication purpose, then the country code is also used but the caller does not need to dial it. The Skype will set the country code before you dial the number or after dialing the number. You must select the country and then the Skype will use the country code. You or the caller does not need to do anything else. Everything is easier on Skype or in similar applications.