country code

AG Country Code +1268

The Antigua and Barbuda has a unique country code and that is +1268. You can use the 001268 country code if you like. The country code is a necessary thing for the international telecommunication. If you want to communicate with the country from another country, then you have to depend on the country code but this country code is not necessary to use always for communication. When you use the telephone or mobile phone for the international telecommunication or you use any application for the telecommunication, then the country code is necessary. You need to know the country code for the telephone or mobile phone telecommunication. If you call to the Antigua and Barbuda, then you have to dial the country code first. If you use any application, then you may need to select the country from the drop down list and then the country for the country will sit there auto.
You may collect a printed directory for finding country code and area code. You can use also applications or search engines for finding the country code. So, you can easily find out the country code without any problem. You can use printed directory if you do not like to use the internet for fining anything. You can use directory application.